The Cryptopay blog
The Cryptopay blog

Cryptopay as a solution for payroll services and freelance companies

It’s easy to create accounts for employees, which can then be used to pay their wages, without extra bank charges

Cryptopay Debit Cards can be a great solution for payroll services. At Cryptopay, we want to make it easier for everyone to use the power of Bitcoin and modern financial technology. This can be especially helpful for the growing number of companies with an international workforce, with employees located in multiple different places. Traditional means of transferring salaries to international members of staff can be costly. Cryptopay provides an innovative means of avoiding many of the excessive costs involved with paying any workforce. There is also a growing appeal in taking advantage of the disruptive Bitcoin technology; employees will likely enjoy experiencing the innovative payment system provided by Cryptopay!

Websites and companies which assist freelancers may also be interested in integrating Cryptopay services. We’ve found that many freelancers are particularly interested in being paid with bitcoins. The cryptocurrency has low transfer costs for employers, which usually means a better take-home wage for freelancers.

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