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The Cryptopay blog

Cryptopay as a solution for the unbanked

For those of us with access to traditional forms of banking, it can be easy to forget the difficulties faced by those who are unable to utilise such services. Huge numbers of people all over the world do not have a bank account; Cryptopay can provide a means for such people to access modern finance, without the barriers often subjected by the banks.

We return to our friend Sam…

Sam has been living in a nation which doesn’t have a great banking infrastructure. He is highly-skilled and university educated, but unable to move abroad to work and access financial services. The growing ease of internet access has empowered Sam to try to start working freelance online, but without access to a bank account he is worried about finding employment. Cryptopay provides a great solution for Sam and his potential employers. Bitcoin makes it easy for companies to work with talented freelancers all over the world. Sam found an employer who was open to utilising bitcoin; the lower costs involved with paying international employees through bitcoin has meant that Sam can work at a rate which works for both him and his employer. Sam can take advantage of a Cryptopay debit card, as an easy way to spend his hard earned cash.

Those without access to debit/credit cards, can begin to use such technology with Cryptopay today. The low costs involved with our Bitcoin debit card, make them a potentially disruptive innovation in the financial market. Join Cryptopay today, and get your very own Bitcoin debit card!

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