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Cryptopay iOS App B-Day: A Piece of Cake for Bitcoiners

Hi, I'm Cryptopay iOS App. Today is my birthday and I want to share something important with you.

Cryptopay has been a web-service for around four years, meaning all mobile users have to manage bitcoins through a web-browser. While these all were jolly good times, it's time to move Bitcoin into your pocket, both literally and metaphorically.

I've counted at least three killer features that you're able to do with Cryptopay via your iPhone from now on.

Receive, exchange, store, and send bitcoins on the go

My father has always said: "Good things come to those who wait", he was buying Dogecoins at the same time though, so I wouldn't trust him. Nevertheless, you've asked and we've made our Bitcoin wallet mobile and added some iOS magic in it. Finally.

The same idea of an intuitive and minimalistic interface, the same four accounts in BTC, GBP, USD and EUR on sign up. What is slightly different is the way you can send or receive bitcoins now:

  1. Scan the QR-code with iPhone camera
  2. Specify the sum
  3. Tap to confirm the payment

That's it. The payment or transfer are easily done anywhere with an internet connection — no more glitches, misclicks or annoying loading screens in Safari. Did I also mention that you can exchange bitcoins within the same app too? I bet, it would make pappy reconsider about Dogecoin at once.

Order and manage your bitcoin debit card

If you're ever going to buy a chainsaw for a zombie apocalypse, let it be purchased with a plastic bitcoin card.

  1. Load it from any of your accounts with an app
  2. Pay as usual using a POS-terminal
  3. Done. Please, take your chainsaw

Does the closest shop only take cash? Withdraw some at any ATM around the town or world, who knows. Cryptopay plastic cards work at any place where any card is accepted. Just think of it, two years ago nobody would even imagine withdrawing some BTC in local currency having only an iPhone. Now I make it during a business trip or a vacation.

All in all, now you can really consider the app and bitcoin debit cards as a hassle-free way to withdraw some of your bitcoins as cash or stuff at a drop of a hat.

Pay with Bitcoins online

Virtual Bitcoin cards are a powerful alternative to plastic when it comes to online shopping, subscriptions and recurring payments. It works very similarly to the plastic one:

  1. Load a card within app
  2. Get card details in the app anytime
  3. Ride, drive, wear, use or whatever you're up to

This type of card has one, but the major advantage over plastic — you can't lose it in a bus 😅. Cryptopay virtual cards are work exactly the same as any virtual card, but as our user, you may already know it.

Your assets are safe and sound. Seal the access with your fingerprint using Touch ID or simply set up and use a passcode on each login attempt. I also recommend on enabling two-factor authorization, so you can confirm or decline third-party access.

This way your money are protected even if your iPhone is not. We keep cryptocurrency as transparent as it could be. Exclusively for you, not thieves and scammers.

Try Cryptopay iOS App Now!

That's all for now. We're going to update often, so you would hear more of us, AppStore and other iOS gibberish.

Download on the AppStore.

Enjoy and promise us to be careful with your new chainsaw.

P.S. I have a question: apart from all marketing, what do you personally think of the new Cryptopay App? Please, leave a comment below or use in-app live support chat.

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