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The Cryptopay blog

Cryptopay Virtual Debit Card is now available!

We’re thrilled to announce that our Cryptopay Virtual Debit Card is now available to users. Those of you who’ve already got a physical Cryptopay card will know how handy they can be and the virtual cards are aimed at giving even more of our users access to this easy method for spending their bitcoins.

The Virtual card functions in a similar fashion to our plastic debit card. You’ll simply be provided with all the necessary card details through your Cryptopay account, instead of having the physical card. This makes the virtual card perfect for online spending; It’s easy to use with any e-commerce site that accepts VISA payments! Simply use the card details from your Cryptopay account when you reach the payment pages of any VISA-enabled e-commerce site.

You can order both physical and virtual debit cards easily through your Cryptopay account. We’ve also launched a brand new webpage to give you all the information and answer FAQs relating to both types of card.

Order our
Plastic card

  • Accepted online & offline
  • Instant payments
  • Multi-factor protection
  • Pay for what you use
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..or our virtual one.
It's all good

  • Web-shopping without headache
  • Best for recurring payments
  • Set up & go
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