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How Cryptocurrencies Can Help Bank the Unbanked | Finance Magnates

What if there is no bank?

Cryptocurrency is doing more than it seems at first sight. It has a great potential to include all unbanked people around the world and give them an opportunity to receive, transfer, and spend money even though there is no bank involved.

It may look too ambitious but frankly speaking there are millions of people who don’t have any access to bank systems/services and won’t have in the nearest future.

Many companies are trying to help developing countries and Cryptopay is not an exception. Cryptopay Debit Cards is the first step towards a better future for many people who need to have an access to their money/Bitcoin and be able to use them in everyday life. For those who has already been connected to a bank, Cryptopay Debit Card can be an alternative source for receiving payments and spending money.

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