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How to Buy a MacBook Pro for Bitcoins (Fresh or Discounted)

Guide on using BTC to at least buy something useful inside the EU.

My Windows laptop has been my major working and entertainment tool for nearly 5 years. So, no wonder one day it just didn't wake up from sleeping mode and gone for good with a strange "wazzzzup" sound. Despite it seems not much of a problem to fix it, I've decided that I needed a new ride. Moreover, I wanted to use Bitcoins to buy it.

My choice fell on the Macbook Pro, since I work with audio and video files, when out of office, and also because it won't be hard to find online.

While reading this article, you'll see a few very subjective reviews on Apple merchants inside the EU, who deliver fresh or refurbished laptops for Bitcoin and watch some necessary steps to take before the purchase.

Things to set beforehand

Of course, paying with Bitcoins can become more difficult than using fiat, unless you have obtained a "Bitcoin shopper starter pack". Here's what I had:

Set of tools you need to operate with merchants and BTC

Since I do already have plastic Cryptopay card on me, I will refer to our service, but keep in mind all these shopping platforms are fully available for any other Bitcoin debit card providers.

Exchange question

Direct GBP transactions to the merchant wasn't an option for me, since I store my e-funds in Euros. As I investigated further, my Euros could be exchanged in three easy steps to Bitcoins between EUR and BTC accounts in Cryptopay. Since all transactions in this service include fees, this one also goes with 3% fee. But after all, still better than an online exchange, right?

Don't think of me as a some kind of modern Bitcoin billionaire either. As I went through a few merchants, I looked for new and refurbished models in parallel to decrease losses, if possible.

Let's get acquainted with merchants that will make my effort real.

Where to buy a MacBook for BTC

After some time in the Internet, I've picked up five merchant platforms that accept bitcoin and provide delivery throughout the European Union.

One of the most famous resources in the UK built on the Shopify platform and selling pre-owned refurbishment Apple products including my very desired Macbook Pro 13'. The service claims next day delivery in the UK, and international delivery in two business weeks via either DPD Classic or DHL Express Worldwide. The service doesn't operate in brick and mortar stores, so all communication with the customer are performed online.

Store is presented with fully refreshed and tested Apple products with very affordable pricing. Every unit undergoes a stringent refurbishment process prior to being certified and got into the store front, so high durability is expected.

The pricing is below the market average, since all product are pre-owned units.

Range of refurbished MacBooks for BTC on Hoxton Macs

Triathlon Store has nothing to do with sports, but allows buying Apple products using Bitcoin or other payment methods and currencies. The store is staffed with refurbished Macbook laptops (categories A and B). Delivery options include free nationwide Pickup, european and international delivery via FedEx. The company presents a little to none information about itself, but has the lowest prices in competition.

As you can see on the screenshot below, Triathlon currently has only one model in stock. This merchant was promoted to me by the Google Adwords, so I had some doubts in using it. As I investigated the Internet, I haven't found any reviews or customer feedback on their service, so use it at your own risk.

One refurbished MacBook for BTC on TriathlonCC

CeX buys, sells and exchanges a range of technology and entertainment products. You can even donate some or all of the value of the items you are selling to a range of charities CeX has. The service was founded in London in 1992 and had grown to 460 UK-based stores. CeX is now growing across Ireland, Spain, Poland, Portugal, the USA, India, Australia, The Netherlands and Mexico.

CeX has a range of original Apple Macbook laptops alongside other non-Apple gadgets. With their selling option you can at first sell your previous machine and then purchase a new one saving some money on the way.

Range of MacBooks for BTC on Ukwebuy/CeX

Another brand-new original hardware retailer that noticeably uses Bitcoin only. The service claims to have a decentralized supply chain to connect manufacturers, stores and users. The shipments are insured and delivered by DHL, GLS and many more local providers specialized for the country of the recipient.

Has a wide range of brand-new Apple and other electronics including laptops. Delivery is performed both automatically inside the EU and manually for the rest of the world.

Range of MacBooks for BTC on

Another good option for the UK residents, while also has domestic, European and international parcel delivery options. The platform exists for more than 30 years and has a big loyal client database.

The store itself is divided by PRO Gaming, PRO Sound, PRO Graphics and PRO Video divisions trained to design systems of these four kinds based on user requests. Apart from that the service has a Computer Hardware section where brand-new Apple laptops are presented.

Range of MacBooks for BTC on

How to buy the MacBook Pro for Bitcoin:

  1. Prepare the Bitcoin debit card and bitcoin wallet
  2. Exchange your fiat currency to BTC
  3. Find the most reliable retailer (use the list above)
  4. Pick the desired laptop and proceed to checkout
  5. Wait for your parcel and enjoy your new MacBook!

Now I'm a happy MacBook owner, so the saga came to an end. I've spent almost a week researching options in the Internet and come up with the list of reliable retailers above. Hope it will save you some time and help to avoid suspicious retailers.

Do you know any other places I could buy a Mac with Bitcoin? Please feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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