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The Cryptopay blog

How to Buy Bitcoins?

Did you know that you can use Cryptopay to buy bitcoins? We’ve tried to make it as straightforward as possible for our customers to use Bitcoin and as such, we’ve made sure it’s really easy to buy bitcoins through Cryptopay.

To get started simply log in to your Cryptopay account and navigate to the “Transfer” page. You then need to choose which currency to buy bitcoins with and, provided you have sufficient funds, you can use either your Euro or Pound Sterling account to buy bitcoins.

When you’ve chosen an account to use, you must enter an amount to buy. You can press the “Maximum amount” button to automatically calculate the maximum amount of bitcoins you can afford with the funds in your chosen account.

For instance, Sam wants to buy bitcoins with Cryptopay, so he logs into his verified account and moves funds from his regular bank account in the UK to Cryptopay. The funds are available very quickly, and Sam can then navigate to the “Transfer” page of his Cryptopay account to buy bitcoins with ease!

In order to buy bitcoins with Cryptopay, you’ll need to make sure you’ve transferred funds from your bank account to one of your Flex accounts. Thankfully, we’ve made sure this is simple too; you can transfer fiat currency to your Cryptopay account using Faster Payments in UK and SEPA in Europe. It’s never been easy to get started with Bitcoin!

How to sell Bitcoins?

It’s really straightforward to sell your bitcoins to Cryptopay, regardless of if you’ve bought them from us or received them from a friend! Log in and head to the “Transfer” page of your Cryptopay account and you’ll see the simple currency exchange facility we’ve provided!

The Transfer page makes it easy to buy or sell bitcoins, using either Euros or Pound Sterling. To sell bitcoins, you need to transfer funds from your Bitcoin account to either your Euro or Pounds account. We offer a competitive rate and strive to make the Bitcoin exchange process as fluid as possible; ensuring our users have the best possible, modern payments experience.

Let’s say Sam needs to sell some bitcoins he received from a friend. He simply logs into his Cryptopay account, goes to the “Transfer” page and exchanges his bitcoins for euros, which are instantly available in his Euro FLEX account.

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