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How to ensure security of your account

Security for online financial systems is an important consideration to be made and this is no different for Bitcoin-based systems. The high-profile incidents which plagued the early Bitcoin industry have really helped to establish strong industry-wide security practices of late. This has brought the numbers of Bitcoin thefts down significantly over the last year!

Cryptopay take security incredibly seriously; we’ve got solid processes in place to ensure your funds are safe at all times from our end, however there are a number of things YOU can do to help keep your account secure.

Two-factor Authentication

Please make use of our two-factor authentication capabilities for login; this adds a very important extra layer of defence to your account. When activated, as well as using your standard password when logging in, you’ll be required to enter a two-factor authentication code as well which will be sent to you for mobile phone.

Regular Password Changes

Regularly updating your password can also be an important step towards protecting your account. It is also worth ensuring your password is of sufficient complexity, such that malicious users can’t use a brute-force attack to access your account and steal your bitcoins.


Going through the process of verification is also significant in securing your Cryptopay assets. Once you’re verified we have documents to prove your identity and this can be used to provide you access to your account if you lose your password!

We use industry-standard cold storage to keep funds safely stored offline. Cryptopay is a safe, reliable way to manage your finances online, you just have to remember to keep your account secured yourself, but we’ve made sure it’s very straightforward.

P.S. Our customer service team are super friendly. If you have any questions, they’d be more than willing to assist! Contact us at

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