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How to exchange fiat currency?

It is very easy to exchange both euros and pound sterling for bitcoins using Cryptopay. We offer an extremely competitive exchange rate, so you can always get the most for your money! Hate waiting days for fiat funds to transfer? We use both SEPA and UK Faster payments, to ensure all our users can send funds to Cryptopay quickly.

Let’s go back to our friend Sam as an example again:

Sam wants to buy some bitcoins as an investment for his child and he knows that Cryptopay offer one of the best rates in the UK & Europe. After logging into his account, Sam navigates to his GBP Flex account and hits the “Add Funds” button, just below his account balance. The next screen provides Sam with the bank account details he must transfer his GBP to. As Sam has completed verification he has a £1000 daily limit. He logs into the digital banking app on his phone and transfers £100 to Cryptopay, using the details provided. Just over an hour later, the funds have been credited to Sam’s GBP Flex account and are ready to be exchanged for bitcoins. Sam now navigates to the “Exchange” page, where he chooses to move funds from his GBP account to his Bitcoin wallet. After entering an amount of funds to exchange and pressing the “Transfer Money” button, Sam is shown a transfer confirmation screen with an accurate exchange rate. Once confirmed, the exchange is complete and the funds are visible in Sam’s Bitcoin wallet! He can now save bitcoins in his Cryptopay account or send them to an alternative wallet, where they can stored as an investment for his child.

The process is the same when using Euros; you’ll just be provided with details to set up a SEPA bank transfer, as opposed to UK Faster payments!

It is important to double check the Cryptopay bank details provided, as they may change from time to time! The bank account that funds are sent from MUST be in your name, as we cannot accept third-party deposits.

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