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How to order and use Cryptopay Debit Card?

We’ve recently rolled out our Bitcoin debit card service; providing Cryptopay users with a no-load required Bitcoin debit card, which can be used in stores and with ATMs all around the world. Our Bitcoin debit card is powered by VISA, so coverage is fantastic. Businesses can benefit from the cards too; In our modern, globalised world, many businesses will have employees all around the world and our Bitcoin debit card can provide a straightforward way to ensure international employees can access salaries paid in Bitcoin, EUR and GBP, easily regardless of their location.

We’ve made sure it’s really easy to get your own Bitcoin debit card. Simply sign into your Cryptopay account and choose the “Add Card” option. You can choose from a GBP or EUR enabled debit card; it’s worth making sure you pick the currency which corresponds to where you live and spend most time! The card limits are related to your verification status, but provide flexible access to YOUR money regardless.

It’s really easy to get your hands on a Cryptopay debit card…Let’s use Sam as an example again.

Sam is relatively new to Bitcoin. He’s got an account with Cryptopay and has just been sent some BTC by a friend. Sam is aware that he can sell his bitcoins for GBP but would like to be able to access them directly. Our Bitcoin debit card is the perfect option for Sam; he simply completed verification and paid the minimal fee to have a card sent to his home address. Once the card arrived, Sam could spend his bitcoins in a similar way that he uses fiat cash, with his bank-issued debit card.

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