The Cryptopay blog
The Cryptopay blog

Welcome to new Cryptopay!

Over the last few weeks the Cryptopay team have been working hard on rebranding our webpages. We’ve got an exciting new interface, with elegant design and a comprehensive introduction to the services provided by Cryptopay.

We are super excited

Established users and newcomers alike should enjoy the extra details regarding the newly available Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit Card. Our Bitcoin debit cards are a development we’re thrilled with, Cryptopay users can now register for a card which will be sent directly to their registered address. This gives you the ability to spend your bitcoins in the same way you’d use a regular bank-issued credit/debit card which is super exciting! We really think that our Bitcoin Debit Card will help our users to utilise Bitcoin to its true potential and could help to pave the way to greater acceptance of the cryptocurrency!

We’re sure you’ll love the new Cryptopay web presence; we’ve been hard at work ensuring that our sign-up and verification processes are as straightforward as possible, so you can get involved with Bitcoin with as little hassle as possible.

We didn’t stop there

Our services have been given a boost to ensure businesses have optimised access to Bitcoin and consumers can take control over their money, with straightforward, low cost international transfers via the Bitcoin Network.

Your Cryptopay Wallet has been turbo-charged, with a new display and extra power ‘under the hood’, it’s never been easier and safer to use Bitcoin to make your money go further. Hedging your bitcoins against both the Euro and Pound Sterling, for security, has never been more straightforward than with the new Cryptopay Wallet interface.

The new site features a plethora of information for prospective Cryptopay users and existing users will love the new interface. You can find out everything you need to know about using our system for international money transfers and merchants can learn about our straightforward service which enables businesses to accept Bitcoin Payments. It’s never been easier to get started with Bitcoin than with the new and improved Cryptopay interface!

And more

We’ve also given our customer interaction plan an overhaul; this means the way we communicate with our users has been upgraded along with the website! Our new e-mail communications will be tailored to your needs and ensure you can get any help you need to get the most out of your Cryptopay experience.

Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team at

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