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What is a FLEX account?

Your main Cryptopay wallet features three different FLEX accounts: Euro, Pound Sterling and Bitcoin. This feature allows you to take precise control over your money by spreading your funds across the three accounts, making it easy to minimise the risk of market volatility.

Cryptopay has taken the best features of modern digital banking and integrated them with innovative Bitcoin technology, to create a simple interface which makes managing your finances easier than ever.

Let’s use Sam as an example; Sam likes using bitcoins but doesn’t like the stress and potential losses resulting from volatility. Sam uses his Cryptopay FLEX accounts to get around this, he always keeps around 400 GBP in his GBP Flex account which gives him quick access to bitcoins when he needs them, but without the risk of holding on to large amounts of BTC.

By enabling our customers to store funds in three different currencies, Cryptopay has created an easy way to hedge your Bitcoin investments for security and peace-of-mind against sudden price fluctuations. The focus is on flexibility, so that you can make your money go further; it’s straightforward to withdraw funds to your bank account, transfer money internationally, or even load your Cryptopay debit card, from any of your Cryptopay FLEX accounts.

Our pricing is super competitive too, with only a 1% fee on conversions to and from Bitcoin, leaving you more of your money to enjoy!

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