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Why get verified?

There are many benefits to completing account verification and we have tried to make the process as straightforward as possible. In order for Cryptopay to be compliant with “Know-Your-Customer” regulations, we are required to collect certain information from our users. If you are intending on using Cryptopay solely as a Bitcoin wallet, then verification may not be necessary for you. However, to take full advantage of all our services we recommend all our users complete the verification process! Verification will allow you to utilise quick and easy bank transfers to buy bitcoins, as well as giving you increased daily transaction limits with your Cryptopay debit card. The process is easy and can be completed in as little as ten minutes!

To get complete verification, you must upload the following evidence:

1.Proof of Identity, in the form of a government-issued ID.
2.Proof of Residence, in the form of a recent Utility bill or Bank statement.

To successfully complete verification, it will be important to have access to a scanner, such that you can provide high quality, full colour images of your documents. Proof of Identity can be provided in the form of an International Passport, Driving License or National ID. A double page scan of your passport is needed, and Identity cards must be scanned on both sides. Proof of Residence documents should have been issued within the last 3 months, and you must provide a copy of the original paper documents; Electronic bills and screenshots cannot be accepted.

Once you’ve prepared your scanned documents, you just need to login to your Cryptopay account and navigate to your profile settings. There is an option to upload verification documents here. Once your documents have been uploaded, it will normally take 24 hours for your account verification to be confirmed, provided you have submitted images which meet our requirements. Users who are providing documents with non-latin characters, may wish to provide a certified translation of their documents to help speed up the process!

As long as you follow these simple guidelines, you can complete verification in quickly, and without any problems. You’ll then be able to enjoy full access to Cryptopay services; verification is required to take full advantage of our exchange and Bitcoin debit card offerings! Verification is also a very important step in keeping your account secure and your money safe.

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